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Money Experience is a great way to get teens engaged in the conversation regarding saving and spending money. We are able to discuss things they had never thought about i.e. 529, 401K, debt, income retirement and discuss how spending money while young can affect finances later in life. It is also interesting to have teens ask questions about topics that they would normally be years away from thinking about, like how much it may cost to raise a child or how much should be in an emergency fund. The teens seem engaged and to be enjoying the program as it goes along.

Rebecca Lavely

Teen Director, YMCA

I liked the chat-interface style a lot. I thought that was a really good intuitive setup, because then you know, you choose your own responses and obviously a lot of kids my age can use a chat interface like that. It’s more relatable. And the vernacular was really smooth — there were no overtones that felt like some kind of adult writing it, it definitely felt like it was natural.

Money Experience User

It showed what financial milestones are more relevant at what stage of your life and kind of made me think about planning ahead for those stages. It made it easier to understand the impact that starting early has, it carried that through, because your choices affected you all down the line. It really drove home the point of starting early.


College Freshman

I took financial education course my senior year. I took Personal Finance to get out of a math credit. It was the Dave Ramsey program. That was a year long program, whereas this one was a day or two. Comparing the two, I felt like this one gave a much more in-depth experience, you know. With the Dave Ramsey course it was: this is how we think you should do things and here are examples. Where as this one was like: yeah figure it out! And I think that was a lot better, because it’s easier to make mistakes with this and then realize, “oh maybe in real life I should put more than 2% into my 401k” you know, as opposed to just being like: well this is how much you should put in. [Money Experience] gave me an actual reason as to ‘why’.

Ivan Kuhn

College Student

The program did a good job of keeping it neutral — letting you make your own decisions to see where you got, instead of trying to influence you.

Money Experience User