Product Overview

Our approach to personal finance

Money Experience financial education products emphasize quality of life and personal priorities. An online, highly engaging life simulator and built-in graphic novel help users gain perspective on how their choices — fiscal and otherwise — affect their futures.

Our products cover the whole arc of life decisions and culminate in detailed summaries of your projected life- and financial outcomes.

Available products


Personal finance for Gen Z and the classroom


Personal finance for adults and the workplace

Our financial model 

The driving force behind every Money Experience product is our unique financial model that takes decisions made in the simulator and projects possible life outcomes accordingly. Taking into consideration choices like college, home loans, cars, marriage, kids, health expenses, and retirement, the simulator measures not only financial outcomes, but also the impact those outcomes may have on your quality of life.

Developed by financial experts, business managers, and professional educators, our sophisticated financial model is based on real historical costs, incomes, interest rates, and financial metrics within the U.S., and was developed solely for Money Experience.