Money Experience Essentials

Personal finance for Gen Z

A financial education program that shows young people how money relates to the things they really want in life.


Users first set their priorities for each phase of life and then make career, personal, and lifestyle choices. As each choice is made, they can see how it aligns with their priorities and impacts their quality of life, as well as how it influences their finances.

Graphic novel

The graphic novel provides an important emotional context for the big life choices that occur in each phase of life. Relatable characters allow users to identify parallels to their own decision making processes and better empathize with their future selves.

Life chapters

Nine chapters walk users through the arc of life’s typical eras and “moments”. The chapters allow users to consider the major decisions in life, all the way through to those involved in planning for retirement.

Results & discussion

The tenth unit is a summary and analysis of the user’s whole life-arc of decision-making. Rich graphics and reports spark discussion and allow a moderator or facilitator to gain insights into how users made choices, and what consequences those choices had.

Example Implementations

There’s an experience that’s right for you.



  • Online, self-paced learning experience

  • Good for counselors, advisors, mentors, and other instructors looking to make the most of their short windows of time with students

  • Provides professional development for the counselor and detailed reports on a student’s life choices, priorities, and goals for one-on-one discussions



  • 8-10 hour, in-classroom curriculum and integrated software offering.

  • Can be taught as part of a course or seminar, as a one- or two-day intensive workshop, or as a club or organization offering.

  • Provides professional development for the instructor and extensive in-classroom tools, including student progress reports, issues monitoring, and automated grading.



  • Self-paced, self-serve online resource for students, their families, staff, and the broader community of any organization.

  • No instructors or counselors required.

  • Provides full simulator and life choices experience as well as aggregated group reports on the population that give insight into users’ choices, priorities, goals, and knowledge of personal finance concepts.

Financial education is Essential.

Money Experience products can be up and running in as little as a day. Let us know when you’d like to get started!