Level up.

Give your community the innovative financial literacy programs they want and deserve.

Traditional personal finance education needs an update. Instead of telling people how to manage their finances, we should start by helping them understand why they should care. That’s why we created Money Experience, a highly engaging financial literacy program focused on personal priorities and quality of life.

Money Experience’s modern interface and engaging graphic novel make it easy and fun for users to explore complex financial concepts. With programs for high school and college (Gen X), as well as young professionals (Millenials and Gen X), Money Experience can be offered in as a class or workshop, one-to-one discussion, or provided as an online resource.¬†

All our products include:

    • An innovative, chat-based interface
    • Explanations about complex financial topics in modern, easy-to-digest vernacular
    • A graphic novel that allows users to engage and connect with their future selves and decisions¬†
    • Facilitator training as needed, meaning anyone can run a course – no matter their expertise
    • Deep reporting capabilities that allow you to get to know your community like never before

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