Direct Purchase

Your personal finance education

Financial Literacy isn’t one size fits all. Help develop a stronger understanding of basic financial concepts and feel confident making informed decisions with money in a way that works for you.

The Family Pack

For families or very small groups with students aged 15 – 24

$50 minimum purchase

Included features:

✔  $25 per Money Experience Essentials simulator account

 ✔  Available in packs of 2 – 15 licenses – we recommend you complete the simulator as well for a better discussion experience with your Gen Zer

 ✔  1 read-only admin account to view class progress & access Resource Center

 ✔  Aggregate Report to review results with participants

Discussions & data

Our discussion guide, included in the Resource Center, is there to help you shape conversations around financial concepts and individual outcomes. Gain insight into participants’ goals and decisions, all while engaging in essential financial education. 

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